T.A. Sheehan & Co.

Est. 1988

Payroll Services

Payroll is an essential part of every business. Miscalculation errors can result in a variety of problems from dissatisfied staff, to fines from Revenue. Due to this many business are now looking to outsource this function and here at T.A Sheehan we provide expert payroll services to keep your company on track, save you money and make sure you are adhering to all Revenue rules .

Our services include:

  • Preparation of weekly, fortnightly and monthly payrolls.
  • Submission to revenue each payroll cycle.
  • Creation of EMT files.
  • Periodic returns to the revenue commissioner.
  • Secure electronic payslips issued to all employees.
  • Notification to the Revenue Commissioners for leavers.
  • Detailed multi-format payroll reports available.
  • Provide ongoing advice and support in relation to all payroll related matters.