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Corporation Tax

Every company resident in Ireland must pay Irish Corporation Tax on their profits. Some non-resident companies may also need to pay CT if they have trades in Ireland. Companies which pay CT must file a CT return every year, the return includes company’s financial accounts and CT liability information.

Controlling tax compliance is becoming more difficult. Companies must re-evaluate and improve their processes to make sure they fulfil their duties for tax compliance due to the constantly shifting regulatory environment and the increased effectiveness of tax authorities’ enforcement. Your company could have to deal with rising or unpredictable costs or limited internal tax resources. To take advantage of possibilities and lower risk, you might also want more control over data collection, processing, and related tax compliance issues. We can assist you in meeting your company tax compliance requirements. We will collaborate with you to quickly and affordably produce tax returns and the supporting computations using tax technology and software programs.

Our CT services includes:

  • Preparation of the corporation tax computation
  • Preparation of CT return (Form CT1) and filing of the return to Revenue on behalf of the Company.
  • Filing of the form 46G to Revenue on behalf of the Company;
  • Assistance with directing payments to the Irish Revenue for corporation tax obligations;
  • Providing a corporation tax report that explains the foundation upon which returns have been prepared and that outlines the company’s ultimate tax position with necessary supporting analysis.

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